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Bitumen and Asphalt Repairs and Resurfacing

Sometimes even the best laid Bitumen or Asphalt Driveway or car park can suffer after time or as a result of severe weather events. The recent weather events here in Brisbane have taken their toll on some of our driveways, car parks and sealed access areas.

This can be easily rectified by a variety of repair or driveway resurfacing and refurbishing techniques. Maybe you want to improve the street appeal and entry to your home with a facelift of your existing asphalt or bitumen driveway. Have you bought a new home and are looking to improve on the existing bitumen or asphalt driveway? A cost effective driveway resurfacing job could not only improve the look of the driveway but also prolong its life.

Perhaps you risk losing your car in the rivers and canyons that are now where your driveway used to be and each trip up or down the driveway has become a safety hazard…. Or maybe your customers are finding your car park a bit of a minefield. There are many reasons to give us a call and ask about our customised driveway resurfacing and bitumen repair services. We provide advice on all bitumen and asphalt repairs including pot holes and overlays on all areas from driveways to roads and car parks.

We make sure that each individual location is carefully assessed by our highly experienced technician to determine the best option for restoration of your bitumen or asphalt driveway. Whether the job is restoration of an entire driveway or a small area that has been bothering you we take the same amount of care in seeing to it that you receive professional care and an outstanding result.

Damaged, dangerous car parks are a hazard for your customers so if you have car park repairs that cannot be put off, please give us a call. You won’t be disappointed and our team prides itself on honest reliable service. Call us now or email us for a quote on your driveway resurfacing or other repairs. We are happy to come out and access your problem area and our team covers all areas throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.